Carbon Zero Card & Privacy

Carbon Zero Card is designed to protect your privacy and security so that you can focus on swiping your carbon footprint goodbye with peace of mind.

Applying for a Carbon Zero Card

When you apply for a Carbon Zero Card, your name, contact information, and device phone number may be used by Carbon Zero to verify your identity and to help prevent fraud.

If more information is needed to verify your identity, you may be asked to scan your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID. 

You may also be asked to provide an estimate of your annual income to help make a decision about whether to grant you credit and the amount of credit to grant.

Your application will not be submitted for a credit decision until you accept the Carbon Zero Card terms and conditions.

Provisioning Carbon Zero Card

Information may also be provided by Carbon Zero to Stripe or Visa to enable and set up your Carbon Zero Card and to prevent fraud.

Paying with Carbon Zero Card

When you begin a payment within an app or on the web using Carbon Zero Card, to enable tax and shipping cost calculation, your zip code, postal code, or other equivalent information is provided to the app, website, or merchant. After you authorize the payment, other information requested by the merchant, such as a device-specific account number, your shipping address, or email address, is also provided.

Carbon Zero Card and Communications

Carbon Zero may use your Carbon Zero Card account status, such as whether you have applied for or have a current Carbon Zero Card account, to determine whether a message is relevant to you, including a marketing message.

Anonymous and aggregate information that cannot be tied to you may also be used for Carbon Zero marketing and other messaging.

Carbon Zero Card Support

If you have questions about your Carbon Zero Card, you can contact support through Carbon Zero will use any information you share, including personal information, to process your request. If your inquiry must be sent to Stripe for servicing, Carbon Zero will share information about you and your inquiry with Stripe so that they may better help you. Carbon Zero will not retain any personally identifiable financial information that it sends to Stripe for servicing.

Closing Your Carbon Zero Card Account

If you wish to update the information associated to your Carbon Zero Card account after you have activated your card, please contact us at

More Information

Carbon Zero may use information that does not identify you to improve Carbon Zero products and services, for marketing, and for fraud and security purposes. Carbon Zero will not attempt to re-identify any anonymous or aggregated Carbon Zero Card data we receive.

Carbon Zero will use your information as required by law and for fraud prevention. Carbon Zero Card-related information may be used by Carbon Zero to the extent necessary and required to comply with law or valid legal process, even after you have closed your account. By using Carbon Zero Card, you agree and consent to Carbon Zero’s and its subsidiaries’ and agents’ transmission, collection, maintenance, processing, and use of your information as described above.