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The Carbon Zero Approach:

The Carbon Zero Credit Card rewards your purchases by using the standard fees paid by merchants to buy carbon offsets, thereby neutralizing the environmental impact of every transaction you make.

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Fund certified carbon removal projects
Fund certified forestry initiatives
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There is no greater reward than life on this planet

Carbon offsets protect the planet

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas, trapping heat in the atmosphere and warming the climate once it has been emitted by human activity. Carbon offsets through carbon capture initiatives are an effective way to directly combat climate change by capturing and permanently storing carbon that has already entered the atmosphere.

Without it [carbon capture], our energy and climate goals will become virtually impossible to reach.

Fatih Birol
Head of the International Energy Agency
Automate your Contribution to the Solution

No matter who you are, you can help fight climate change. For most Americans, funding carbon offsets with your every day purchases on Carbon Zero is enough to ensure that your impact is carbon negative and climate positive. By simply using the Carbon Zero credit card, you participate in creating a cleaner atmosphere and a brighter future - consistently, effortlessly, and automatically.

Fund breakthrough climate-change initiatives

With Carbon Zero, every purchase you make today becomes an investment in tomorrow. The projects you fund utilize a process called carbon sequestration - capturing carbon from the atmosphere and permanently storing it. There are several methods of carbon sequestration, including:


A kind of charcoal used in sustainable agriculture, biochar stores carbon in a stable form that won’t escape back into the atmosphere.

Direct air capture

Mechanical systems capture carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere and compress it to be injected into geological storage or used to make long-lasting products, such as cement.


Maintaining robust forests throughout the world ensures that trees are able to remove and convert carbon from the environment through photosynthesis.

Our projects
Big River & Salmon Creek Forests
Big River & Salmon Creek Forests

Protecting over 15,000 acres of forest in California.

Carbon Culture Biochar
Carbon Culture Biochar

Converting forestry and food production residues into biochar, locking the carbon contained in organic matter into a stable, solid form for thousands of years

Charm Industrial Bio-oil
Charm Industrial Bio-oil

Putting oil back underground by converting biomass into bio-oil and injecting it deep underground for permanent storage.

Clearloop Jackson Solar Project
Clearloop Jackson Solar Project

Building new solar farms to generate clean electricity for U.S. communities that need it most

Crow Lake Wind Power Project
Crow Lake Wind Power Project

Generating wind energy in South Dakota on the largest wind project owned by a nonprofit cooperative in the United States.

Doe Mountain Improved Forest Management
Doe Mountain Improved Forest Management

Protecting over 8,500 acres of forest in eastern Tennessee