About us

We are on a mission to make carbon neutral living as simple as swiping a credit card

We understand that most people want to help fight climate change but have never had the proper tools to do so. That's where we come in. Carbon Zero empowers brands, banks and fintechs to help their clients live sustainably by providing white label climate tech for the automatic measuring, reducing, and offsetting of consumers’ carbon footprints.

The Carbon Zero API

The Carbon Zero API is our carbon assessment layer that plugs into any credit or debit product, automatically calculating the carbon footprint of a consumer's spending. Reward points can then be redeemed to fund a wide array of offsetting projects, thereby offsetting the carbon impact of a customer’s spending.

The Carbon Zero Marketplace

The Carbon Zero Marketplace drives footprint reduction with discounts on sustainable alternatives for all cardholders. From household energy to packaged goods, we can help you switch your spend to reduce your impact.

Carbon Zero's Ecosystem

Carbon Zero's Ecosystem


Measure users' carbon footprint


Footprint with portion of interchange


Reduce footprint by switching to sustainable alternatives via our marketplace


With the best rates on sustainable products & services via our marketplace


Footprint reduction via financial incentives and positive feedback loops

We are guided by one question:

“How can we help people lead sustainable lives”

Carbon Zero's vision is a world where our actions and transactions align with our concern for people and the planet.

After extensive market research, we’ve identified the most powerful ways that Carbon Zero can help everyday people in the shared fight against climate change:  


The first step to living sustainably is understanding your carbon footprint with in-app reporting that lets you understand the impact of your purchasing.


The carbon zero tech is coupled with our sustainable marketplace that rewards customers for switching to sustainable alternatives, from household energy to clothing.


Users can exercise credit card reward points towards offsetting, with 30+ project types in our diverse portfolio of partners

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