Our Story

Making carbon neutral living
as simple as swiping the right credit card

Our research shows that most people want to help fight climate change but aren’t sure how to make a meaningful difference. That's where we come in. Carbon Zero empowers you to effortlessly act and transact according to your concern for our planet. How? The Carbon Zero credit card. 

As you spend with the Carbon Zero Credit Card, we automatically invest your rewards points into carbon offsetting projects, thereby offsetting the negative impact of your spending.

Just like that, a little switch to a better card makes climate-positive living more understandable, innovative, and automated than ever before. 

Our Values

Our values are the non-negotiables that steer Carbon Zero's services, decision making, and conduct

When we look at our work and culture, this is what we expect to see:

  • Empowerment: We make it easier for people to act and transact on their values.
  • Inclusivity: We operate from the understanding that this is everyone’s planet, and as such, every community deserves access to and participation in our work.
  • Intersectional Problem Solving:  We’re holistic in both our analysis of the problems and our development of the solutions. Climate change is the most intersectional problem we face; our solutions should reflect that.
  • Initiative: We speak up and show up for the wellbeing of our planet and its people.
  • Transparency: We hold ourselves to a standard of specificity, honesty, and verifiability that keeps us accountable to our values. We want our community to understand how our technology works, how we’re achieving impact, and with whom we’re partnering to do so.
  • Integrity: We consistently align our actions with our beliefs. Integrity is arguably the value that we hold most dear. At Carbon Zero, we know that the scale of our impact will always be decided by the strength of our integrity.

Our Strategy

We’re guided by one question:
“How can we be most helpful?”

After extensive market research, we’ve identified the following as the most powerful ways that Carbon Zero can help everyday people in the shared fight against climate change:  

  • Education: Ensuring sustainability is as understandable, applicable, and actionable as possible. It's hard to be part of the solution when you can't understand or measure the problem.
  • Innovation: Infusing existing behaviors and systems with new opportunities for environmental and social impact. Familiar habits with new implications.
  • Automation: Making it as easy as possible to consistently act on your commitment to the environment through automated processes.

    Our Vision & Mission

    We believe in a world where our spending
    doesn't cost us our integrity, much less our planet

    Carbon Zero's vision is a world where our actions and transactions align with our concern for the planet and its people.

    Our mission is to ensure that the very credit card we use measures, monitors, and neutralizes our carbon footprints as we spend, thereby turning everyday purchases into powerful investments for environmental and social impact.

      Our Product

      Carbon Zero’s credit card, sustainable rewards system, and easy to use app enable everyday people to live carbon neutral lives

      • Here's How it Works:
      • Every time you swipe your Carbon Zero credit card, Carbon Zero automatically receives a portion of the standard interchange fees paid by merchants.

        Instead of investing that interchange into something like hotel points, we invest it into a diverse portfolio of industry-leading carbon capture projects, thereby neutralizing the carbon impact of your spending.

        In short: Carbon Zero makes carbon neutral living as simple as swiping your credit card. Behind the scenes though, a lot more is going on to facilitate both the offsetting and overall reduction of your carbon footprint.  

        Here are Carbon Zero's 5 key services, done automatically:

        1. Calculate your carbon footprint based on your actual spending  

        2. Offset your carbon footprint using the interchange on your transactions  

        3. Report back to you on how your footprint is being offset via transparent sharing of project names, locations, methodologies, and amount of CO2 offset

        4. Analyze your consumer profile to identify the most effective opportunities for carbon footprint reduction, taking the guess work out of sustainable behavioral change

        5. Broker discounts and deals to other brands and services who have been vetted for their sustainability practices

        Taking personal responsibility for climate change just got automated - effortlessly, consistently, and without any out of pocket expenses .